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Sky Above Treatment

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Every second saved is a matter of life and death when dealing with a trauma incident. Air ambulance, is therefore a vital service to reach trauma patients quickly and efficiently. This is an extremely important service in rural areas especially, as currently rural trauma patients are twice as likely to die before reaching the hospital than inner city casualties. New initiatives are being brought in to improve our air ambulance services so that casualties can get on board treatment before reaching the hospital.

One of these initiatives is ‘Blood on Board’ schemes, initiated by Yorkshire Air ambulance services. This new initiative will have a positive effect on casualties suffering from uncontrollable bleeding, as they will be able to receive a blood transfusion before reaching the hospital. However, transfusions to severe trauma patients made inside air ambulances are likely to be based on the subjective opinion of the trauma doctor due to time constraints. These estimations are very difficult to get accurate as the patient could also be suffering from an internal bleed. Giving patients the wrong amount of blood can cause health implications and result in the patient’s body rejecting the blood.

It is clear that on board ambulance care is the future of saving trauma patients lives however; implementing CoaguScan into these practices could mean that the most effective level of care can be delivered to the patient. CoaguScans portability and time efficency will allow for precise testing to be done INSIDE the air ambulance, BEFORE reaching the hospital.

CoaguScan – Saving Lives in the Future!

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