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Save The Blood

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Blood. It provides us with life, defines us and without the right amount our vital organs start shutting down. On average the NHS need 1.6 million pints of blood every year. In England alone 6000 donations are needed in just one day to fulfil patient demand.  Blood banks are therefore  in constant struggle to have efficient blood supplies, resulting in the Give Blood Foundation, continuously screaming out for healthy individuals to donate.

Unneeded blood can trigger a rejection process, putting trauma patients at severe risk.

When a trauma patient has noticeable uncontrollable bleeding, the trauma doctor delivers a blood transfusion to the patient however; this is done on the naked eye opinion of the doctor as there is limited time or access to conduct a testing process before the reaching the hospital. This results in trauma patients receiving an estimated amount of blood which can cause severe patient complications.

Huge resources of blood could be saved using CoaguScan, as it will quickly measure the accurate volume of blood the patient needs to receive BEFORE reaching the hopsital. This small device could therfore have instrumental affects on NHS blood shortages.Additionally it will save NHS hospital resources as patient complications involved with blood transfusions will be reduced sigificantly, reducing the strain on intensive care units.





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