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Save our Mothers

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Most people think it is something of the past when we talk about women dying from childbirth however, hundreads of thousands of women die every year from childbirth across the globe. This is surprisingly something that is still causing concerns in the UK with statistics illustrating that in the UKs, maternity death rate is more than double in comparison to European countries such as Poland. These countries are strides behind the UK in terms of GPA, illustrating why this is a growing concern in the UK.

Excessive bleeding after childbirth is one of the leading causes of maternal deaths. Often blood loss volume is estimated by a few measures such as the subjective opinion of the doctor, taking blood pressure levels, breathing rates and blood tests. However, these values can be estimates and even when tests are taken it can take up to 45 minutes to receive results. How could this system be improved to save more mothers lives and reduce recovery time?

Implementing CoaguScan into midwifery units would allow blood testing to be done quickly and efficiently beside the patient so the correct treatment can be provided and continually monitored. Here at Highland Biosciences we focus on creating solutions to medical problems and this is an issue we feel CoaguScan can solve in the future.

Have you ever experienced significant blood loss when giving birth? Was it dealt with efficiently? Did you feel like you were at risk of complications?

We want to hear from your experiences. Here at Highland Biosciences are incubator is always evolving so we want to hear how we could help you!

Together lets SAVE our females from haemorrhage complications

#SaveourMothers #InvestinCoaguScan 

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