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Preventing the Death of our Military

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Young, fit and driven men are being sacrificed at the hand of poor on field treatment. Studies have shown that uncontrollable blood loss was the leading cause of death in 90% of potentially survivable battlefield cases and in 80% of those who died in a military treatment facility. With the average age of army soldiers being 29, these individuals are impeccable for society and economic growth. New measures therefore need to be brought in to preserve the lives of our military.

Implementing CoaguScan into the military set up could have a dramatic effect on reducing the amount of soldiers dying from uncontrollable blood loss. The simplicity and portability that is being developed into the product will mean that CoaguScan can be stored close to the battle scene so that the casualty can get a haemostasis assessment quickly and the correct treatment can be delivered.

By forming a partnership with such a powerful military body, our innovators have been able to use army surgeon’s hands on knowledge and experience to refine CoaguScan in our Incubator. The positives this device will bring to the army will be second to none and the UK Military are very excited with the prospect of CoaguScan commercialising in the next 3 years.

Save our Soldiers and INVEST in CoaguScans journey. It is the FUTURE of coagulation diagnostics!

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