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How are Trauma Accidents Killing the UKs Economic Future?

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8000 deaths a year in the UK are a result of trauma accidents, and 44% of trauma casualties will not leave hospital alive. These accidents are the biggest killer in individuals under 30; the most significant generation of society for future growth of the economy. Even survivors are often left with major disabilities for the rest of their lives, resulting in them needing explicit NHS treatment across their lifetime.

Although 8000 trauma deaths in retrospect sounds low in terms of deaths compared to cancer and heart disease, the value these deaths are having on society are catastrophic.

Let’s take an example of typical fit and healthy young professional who we have named Jim. Jim is 25, and has been in the financial industry for 3 years, since graduating from university. He is quickly moving up the career path and could eventually be paying 40% in taxes towards the economy. However, Jim experiences a nasty car crash, but when paramedics arrive at the scene it appears that he has no significant damage to the naked eye. At the hospital he takes a turn for the worst and from tests taken in the hospital it is revealed that Jim has major internal bleeding on the brain. Jim never fully recovers; he ends up having brain damage, staying in intensive care for months, putting him out of work for the rest of his lifetime. He will use thousands of pounds worth of NHS resources across his lifetime, a disability allowance from the state and his family may even need to take out a carer allowance.

The result of this accident has therefore cost society millions of pounds.

How could Jims lifetime problems and economic burden been prevented?

Highland Biosciences have been developing a portable diagnostic device that identifes patients with uncontrolled external and internal bleeding. This device called CoaguScan is time efficent and could have tested Jims blood velocity within 5 minutes BEFORE reaching the hospital. Trauma surgeons would have then realised that he was suffering from internal bleeding and transfusion could have been issued quickly. Jim’s lifetime problems COULD have been prevented....

The FUTURE is in CoaguScan to save lives and the UK economy!


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